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 The Umweltbüro für Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. invites to the Closing-Conference of the ERASMUS+ project

 „European Educational Concept in Environmental- Nature- and Climate Protection to safeguard a cross border sustainable development“

 Conference date and venue
SRH-Hochschule Berlin, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10, 10587 Berlin, Germany

 Conference context
In contrast to the background of climate change, scarcity of resources, reduction of biodiversity and increasing environmental pollution, it is necessary to find transboundary and integrated solutions to incorperate the interaction and synergy between all sectores and policies.
Therefore information, eduction and qualifiction in this topics are essential preconditions to forward assemply strategies and to reach broad basis.
Also the use of existing human resources in Europe becomes an essential issue in this context. Underused human resources, affected by unemployment, can evolve into valuable protagonists of society and economy by qualification.

Based on the fact of the development of a „Green Economy“ raises a new claim to a innovative oriented economy and effects employment with new requirements of qualification out of it (see also edited by Umweltbundesamt (UBA): “Qualifikationen, Berufe und Branchen für den Übergang in eine Green Economy - eine Bestandsaufnahme in Umwelt, Innovation, Beschäftigung 1/2017“).

 This is where our project sets in - working with 5 partners from 4 countries (Germany, Poland, Hungry and Romania) together in an european qualification concept of environmental, nature and climate protection, based on a study to the status of qualification within these 4 countries. Presenting the results of the study we initiate a professional discussion.

 We appeal to political and administrative, economical and scientifical policy- and decision-makers responsable and competent for education as well as to social partners in order to suggest their own experience and to benefit from the results of this project.

 Conference structure
The conference covers following sessions:

1) Aims and results of the ERASMUS+ project:

  •  study to the status of qualification of environmental, nature and climate protection and of the demand of it within these 4 partnership countries
  • presentation of the curriculum for european qualification

  • presentation of an online-platform and a preparatory essay of renewable energies

  • inclusion of useful experiments of a trial-solar energy plant

 2) Presentation of key-words und posters from experts in education, society (social partnership)
politics, economy, science from Germany and Europe

 3) Panel discussion und open discussion of all participants

 4) Excursion to examples of Best Practice

 Conference agenda and registration
A detailed agenda of the conference will soon be available on our project website and
Further information about the project can also be find in our newsletter enclosed.

 Registration: http://www.ubb.de/index.php/anmeldeformular